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You have made an important decision to have stem cell deployment. It's exciting that these tools are now available for therapeutic use. Stem cell therapy with your own stem cells may very well be the next significant advancement in medicine.
Local Anesthesia & Harvesting Fat
Patients have their fat harvested in a special treatment facility under a local anesthetic. The procedure lasts approximately twenty minutes, using specially designed equipment to harvest about 50cc of fat.
After harvesting the fat cells, the next step is to isolate the cells. This is accomplished by separating the fat cells and stem cells. The process used by Golden Gate Stem Cell Treatment Center yields extremely high number of stem cells.
Depending on the type of deployment required, stem cells can be injected through veins, arteries, subcutaneously, or directly into joints. All of these are considered minimally invasive methods of introducing the stem cells. In the right environment, these cells can change (differentiate) into bone, cartilage, muscle, fat, collagen or neutral tissue. Because it is your own DNA material, there is no rejection. The whole process takes less than three hours.